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Our product breakthrough addresses better goal-setting and decision-making through the development of Executive Function skills across the Workplace

What is Executive Function?

Executive Function (EF) is a set of brain-based skills that people use to control our attention when solving problems. Together, these skills make it possible to keep our goals in mind, avoid distractions, and be flexible in the face of feedback. EF skills typically improve into adolescence and young adulthood but then begin to decline.  Using an easy-to-use web-based tool that’s accessible across organizations, teams are better able to support their employees while improving job satisfaction and performance.

In fact, Executive Function can be a better predictor than traditional IQ tests for leadership skills, problem solving performance, and interpersonal relationships. Importantly, Executive Function can be improved through reflective thinking and practice.

Scientifically Proven

Proprietary Assessment with Accurate Results

Based in human neuroscience and developed through more than 25 years of university research and application in education and learning environments, our Executive Function measurement scale is reliable, validated, and normed for an adult population.

How Can Your Team Benefit?

Given the importance of Executive Function (EF) skills for work and life, we can help improve employee performance and satisfaction by first making them aware of their EF level and then providing suggestions for strengthening their skills. EF data can be used to improve organizational dynamics and increase operational and financial performance. Better understanding of individual and group EF skills can aid in the use of processing time for “reflection” and balancing EF skills within teams and projects.


Find Out How EF Assessment Can Benefit Your Organization.