Reflective Performance

Human-Centered Productivity System


Our game-like app is an objective assessment of human potential and performance through Executive Function and Cognitive Reflection measurement.  We remove the subjectivity of human assessments, and deliver more precise metrics than observational scoring.


Our workforce products develop each employer’s productivity solution for their specific workforce population.  They are web-based and accessible in either work or home office environments, fully supported by learning programs for personal and organizational change management.


Building upon what has been learned in prior business applications, we have applied proven quality improvement methods to people as the critical asset of any business.  Yet our focus is on productivity, instead of quality, objectively measured in tandem at both the human and organizational levels.   Our Systems Approach for leveraging human productivity identifies and addresses the limited number of performance factors that really matter across an organization.

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New technology from Reflective Performance, Inc. points to a more effective and human-centered approach to Workforce Optimization ROI at scale:  One that combines advanced brain science with modern data systems analysis to sustainably improve employee productivity while also boosting individual job satisfaction and employee longevity, resulting in durable increases in both revenue and profitability.

Scientifically Proven

Objective Assessment with Accurate Results

Based in human neuroscience and developed through more than 25 years of university research and application in education and learning environments, our Executive Function measurement scale is reliable, validated, and normed for an adult population.

How Can You and Your Team Benefit?

Executive Function Awareness is the best starting point to gain an understanding of the importance of Executive Function (EF) and Cognitive Reflection skills for personal well-being and workplace success.  


Then consider how a better understanding of individual and group EF skills can aid in multiple facets of workforce performance and by valuing Neurodiversity among teams and projects encouraging Reflective Thinking and Creativity. 


Find Out How EF Assessment Can Benefit Your Organization.