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Advanced measurement tools correlated to business KPIs


Our behavioral tests and training tools are designed holistically to help individuals and teams improve how to process information to make good decisions and to manage their environments. Through a game-like software app, we deliver objective assessments and measurements that can lead to faster, clearer, and more thoughtful work while also identifying and reducing wasteful costs, potential revenue losses, and counterproductive practices.


In addition to our innovative app, we provide a productivity management system customized for the needs of each workplace — and designed to help employers develop unique productivity solutions to identify new opportunities to empower their own workforce. No matter your industry or the structure of your organization, our solutions make it easier to optimize performance with the support of learning programs for both personal and organizational change management.


Building upon learnings from prior business applications and corporate turnarounds, we have applied proven quality improvement methods to help organizations value their people as critical assets in their business. But by focusing on an objective measure of productivity — instead of quality — at organizational and human levels, our systems approach makes it possible to rapidly identify and address the performance factors in any organization that really matter most.

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By combining advanced cognitive science with modern data systems analysis, our technology enables a more effective and human-centered approach to workforce optimization ROI at scale. Sustainably improve employee productivity while boosting job satisfaction and employee longevity, ultimately building a better workplace and increasing revenue and profitability.

Cognitive science

Apply the results of an objective assessment

Developed over the course of more than 25 years of university research and applications in educational and learning environments, our measurement scale is based on the Minnesota Executive Function Scale (MEFS) model — reliable, validated, normalized for populations.

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How can you obtain these new insights to unlock the potential of your workforce? By applying a deeper understanding of executive function and the role of cognitive reflection in the skills that can be critical for success across all levels of an organization, you can improve multiple facets of performance at individual and group levels while valuing neurodiversity and creativity.

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