Executive Function Skills

What Are Executive Function Skills?

Executive Function (EF) skills are the set of brain-based skills that we use to process information and control our attention when solving problems.  These skills make it possible to remember information, keep our goals in mind, avoid distractions and be flexible in the face of feedback.
Importantly, Execution Function can be a better predictor than traditional IQ tests for leadership abilities, creative thinking, problem-solving performance and interpersonal success. Also unlike IQ, EF can be improved through EF skills development.

What Are Executive Function Skills?

These skills are important for reasoning and problem solving. They help you put what you know into practice. In fact, EF skills have been found to be even more important than intelligence for achievement and success. In other words, it’s not so much what you know that matters, it’s whether you can actually use your knowledge in the moment to achieve your goals. EF skills form a powerful way to enhance workforce productivity through EF skills measurement and training across the talent lifecycle of Recruitment, Onboarding, Engagement, Performance, Development, and Advancement.

How Do You Measure EF Skills?

We can measure EF skills quickly and reliably using a patent-protected game-like app developed by our PhD Co-Founders at the University of Minnesota. The Reflect/EF App is reliable, validated, normed for an adult population, and takes only 5 minutes. It produces a personal EF score that measures the primary EF skills of Cognitive Flexibility, Working Memory, and Impulse Control.

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