Organization Benefits

Our Plan For Growth

We have given considerable thought to how Reflective Performance can best serve the B2B marketplace to produce measurable productivity improvements and financial gains for organizations. This resulted from modeling the productivity impacts and benefits from positive change in workforce management implemented and achieved in other businesses by our CEO. Our goal is to cost-justify a staged product roll-out of our Assessment Software and planned Productivity System, initially working closely with a limited number of corporations to fully analyze the application of our technologies and methods to benefit their workforce management.

Growth Area Targeting

Importantly, we have also considered how best to scale our business to support our customers in continuous improvement in Employee Performance Management. We are a data and analytics company with our SaaS product offering and supporting services being accessible across the enterprise and globe through cloud based AWS. When organizations reach a high-volume usage stage and are fully trained in employing the analytics we provide, our plan is to license a package of our software, services and IP to enable organizations to operate independently while obtaining certain machine learning advantages from our overall data set.

Aligning Employee / Employer Interests

Today’s serious workforce management challenges create the need for “Reflective Thinking” by executive leadership and management. It starts by considering a better way to manage employees with our Executive Function measurement and skills technologies as an important tool for creating this positive change.  Our goal is to demonstrate financially and organizationally that employees and employers have a win-win opportunity to align themselves in changing how a modern workforce is best managed.


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