Productivity Impacts

Executive Function measurement and skills development and enhancement is a powerful tool to address productivity improvement in multiple ways:
  • Individual employee productivity and well-being across the employment lifecycle
  • Team and group productivity through better communications with customers and seamless process management improvement across the enterprise
  • Operational improvements for changing a wide variety of EF impacts within the organization that tend to erode operational and financial performance

Our EF software app for Assessment and Productivity System with online services is designed for business units requiring the most organizational improvement, or conversely where employment practices enable initial data collection and performance targeting before wide scale roll-out. Based on extensive operational improvement and turnaround experience, systems modeling has revealed that a wide number of Productivity Impacts are measurable and can be obtained instead of left embedded in corporate budgets and financials.


Executive Function is not a panacea for all productivity losses. Yet its power lies in bringing EF awareness and skills enhancement to promote the need for improved knowledge application and decision-making across all parts of the business to prevent productivity losses at their source.

Reflect/EF Employee Self Improvement

As evidenced in the Life Cycle Curve below, EF skills development is critical for upskilling and reskilling workforces for continuous improvement at work and in life.

For employees themselves, there are multiple opportunities to Think/Forward for self-improvement:

  • Learning the importance and application of Reflective Thinking to create focus before making decisions and taking Action
  • Achieving success at work in setting goals, establishing priorities, and working effectively with supervisors, colleagues, and team members
  • Personal benefits, including social interactions, family dynamics, eating and nutrition decisions, financial management, health, and healthcare management, plus the avoidance and reduction of addictive behaviors
  • Managing high-stress situations
  • And as one ages, keeping EF skills at a high level is key to remaining productive and employable in our fast-paced world