Assessment & EF Skills

We measure Executive Function (EF) skills quickly and reliably using a game-like app (Reflect/EF) with a patented interface developed by scientists at the University of Minnesota who are also Co-Founders of Reflection Sciences (for kids) and Reflective Performance (for adults). Our measurement scale and related algorithm is reliable, validated, normed for an adult population, and takes only 5 minutes. It produces a personal overall EF score that incorporates the primary EF skills of working memory, impulse control, and cognitive flexibility.

Executive Function measurement is designed to enable better placement of people in jobs and help with on-boarding and continuous performance management. It also decreases waste in how people are managed throughout their employment lifecycle as well as in operations. The centerpiece for controlling and improving such impacts throughout the full scope of the business starts with an EF score measured against our national norms, with Goals set for EF improvement for individuals and groups, and as data sets are acquired, analyzed and normed for workforce populations.

Executive Function is sometimes thought of as relevant mostly for kids who struggle with attention regulation and performance. Yet we all have Executive Function skills that can be measured in order to improve EF awareness and skills application for both work and life.

As represented below, EF skills can be measured as a rating on a normal curve to develop awareness of individual and group strengths and weaknesses, and to guide self-improvement:

  • Learning the importance and application of Reflective Thinking to create focus before making decisions and taking Action
  • Achieving success at work in setting goals, establishing priorities, and working effectively with supervisors, colleagues, and team members
  • Personal benefits, including social interactions, family dynamics, eating and nutrition decisions, financial management, health, and healthcare management, plus the avoidance and reduction of addictive behaviors¬†
  • Managing high-stress situations¬†
  • And as one ages, keeping EF skills at a high level is key to remaining productive and employable in our fast-paced world