FAQ: Reflect/EF

Frequently Asked Questions about our Products

Reflect/EF provides an objective assessment of human performance through the measurement of an individual’s Executive Function (EF) and Reflection capabilities.  Other solutions are observational or self-reported, not a direct measurement like Reflect/EF.

We currently offer two products that work together for maximum benefit: Employee Reflect/EF and Applicant Success Reflect/EF. Both feature our easy online EF and Reflection assessments and online dashboards for leadership and management. We provide a simple and well-defined implementation process, detailed documentation for all stakeholders, and one-on-one implementation support.  

Employee Reflect/EF includes a qualitative survey in combination with a game-like software application and direct problem-solving questions.  The assessment takes less than 30 minutes to complete and can be done onsite or virtually at the employee’s convenience.  The Applicant Success Reflect/EF assessment is similar in content although shorter in length and can be completed by an applicant in under 20 minutes during an interview.  No preparation is required before taking the assessment.  Both assessments include a short informational video to inform the employee and applicant about the advantages to the individual and company of assessing EF and Reflection.

Employers use Employee Reflect/EF to improve their overall assessment of existing employees, teams, and organizations relative to internal KPIs that drive company growth and profitability. These results are used to build the Reflect/EF profile of the top performers and can then be applied to assessing incoming candidates and compare their Reflect/EF profile to the top performers.  EF and Reflection skills can also be improved through training programs provided to employees.

The products identify skill levels to improve both individual and group performance. Results collectively leading to measurement for different positions or functions like sales and customer support, or project teams.  Employees are more engaged knowing the company is providing opportunities to improve job assignments, job performance, and group performance through the assessments and training programs.

Reflect/EF is designed to be used at every stage of the employment lifecycle to improve job-fit, measure continuous learning, and promote advancement.  Periodic measurement of EF and Reflection supports improvements in personal application of EF skills in life and at work.  Employees benefit from challenges in well-fitting job positions and specific EF training modules we provide to employers.

Reflect/EF does not measure content knowledge or common skill categories.  It is a direct assessment of how the brain processes information and makes decisions, so there are no inherent biases created by an individual’s background. It does not put a person into a fixed category, but rather presents a dynamic view of their current EF and Reflection skills, which can always be improved.

Reflect/EF is a patented online assessment, the only quantitative objective measure of executive function proven in university research and industry applications with more than 150,000 individuals.

Reflect/EF results are available in an easy-to use dashboard for hiring managers and executives.  Individual privacy is respected, and data are only shared at the discretion of management. RPI retains only completely de-identified results for continuous improvement of its norms.

Included in an Employee Reflect/EF engagement is a comparison of assessment results to relevant internal KPIs used by companies to measure overall performance.  By correlating these results, we can demonstrate the opportunities at individual, group, team, and organization levels.  These results are also used as a benchmark with the Applicant Success Reflect/EF product to assess new applicants to the company.

Including EF and Reflection in your overall assessment approach will generate significant improvements in retention and engagement across the organization, driving profitability gains that grow quarter after quarter.  Retaining more employees for a longer increases hiring ROI, profitability, and overall employee satisfaction.


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